We realise that bariatric surgery is now being widely practiced, but we pride ourselves on being completely different:

  • We are different because should we operate, we will only be using the latest and most advanced single-use surgical staplers and devices with zero infection risk, we do not compromise on patient safety and infection control. This is actually the international standard which is hardly ever followed in Egypt.
  • We are different because we will offer you the same service standard that you would receive abroad in international centres of excellence. We will manage your obesity with our one-stop multi-specialty weight loss team led by Dr. Sherif Hakky and a well chosen team of consultants in the field of nutrition, diabetes and endocrine, gastroenterology and anaesthesia.
  • We are different because we will only offer you surgery if you qualify for surgery and if you need it based on your initial consolation with Dr. Hakky. We simply follow the internationally set rules and guidelines!